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LuxeCovers™ Faux Sheepskin Seat Cover

LuxeCovers™ Faux Sheepskin Seat Cover

✔️ Diffuses Body Heat to Lower Your Temp

✔️ Cooling Effect that Lasts All Night

✔️ Fall Asleep Faster & Stay Asleep Longer

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No More Sweaty, Restless Nights

Getting comfy under your covers is the best way to sleep. BUT the summer heat makes it sweaty and uncomfy!

We designed the Cooling Blanket to create the cool, comfy sleep of your dreams. Instantly lower your body temp and sleep better all night!

Guaranteed Improved Sleep

Instantly solve:

- Difficulty Falling Asleep
- Sleep Sweats
- Tossing & Turning
- Waking Up in the Night

No matter which issue you have, a cooler environment is scientifically proven to improve sleep!

How Does it Work?

The DreamChill Blanket uses our IceFabric™ technology to absorb body heat, instantly cooling down your body temperature.

Combined with our light, breathable design, it provides a cooling effect that lasts all night long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's it made out of?

The DreamChill Blanket is made out of a cotton and silk blend, infused with our IceFabric™ technology.

How big is it?

Our Cooling Blanket is 60 in x 80 in.

How do you wash it?

The DreamChill Blanket is machine-washable at low or no heat.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Not satisfied? Simply contact us within 60 days of delivery and we'll organize a full refund!

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Rida L.

This sheepskin car seat cover is so comfortable! It is much thicker and deeper than I expected the material to be. This seat cover easily covers my car seat with extra to spare! Much nicer than I expected for the price. Soft and luxurious, fits well, can not go wrong price equals a winning seat cover for me!

Sam R.

I purchased 2 for the front seats of my 2015 Honda Accord and fit great. I measured my seats before buying and measured 20”x20” so I was a little nervous when the product measurements online said they were 18”x18”, but I took a chance and it m glad I did. They are well made and seem to be genuine sheep skin. The padding is thick and the fur is nice so it seems like a great quality for the price. I did have very minimal shedding from one of them but that was expected as anything with fur sheds, but hopefully it will last. They were extremely easy to install and came packaged nicely with instructions on the box. Great buy, highly recommended and will buy again!

Zara B.

I got this for my Mustang Mach E seats. I live in Arizona, and the summers are brutal. Leather seats burn your legs instantly if you’re wearing shorts, and can make you sweaty. Not pleasant. These fit perfectly, super easy to install, they don’t move around like other seat covers I’ve had, I don’t burn my legs anymore, and they don’t shed. Highly recommend!

Diogo W.

This seat cover is as described by the seller and meets all of my expectations, high quality in all respects and attractive, thick sheepskin and luxurious. The reverse side is very neatly covered and padded and an excellent value overall. This cover is in use on a motorcycle seat and though not so designed was easily attached with integral elastic straps with minor adjustments. Since this application is not flat, there are compromises, however, it is serviceable. The consequences of being caught in a rainstorm could be serious as the pad is not washable presumably because the dyes may run. (Do not think about that.)

Emily-Jane R.

I love these!! Just as advertised, very plush and soft. The only con is that they smell pretty bad right out of the package but the smell goes away if you let them air out for a couple of days.